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Sir Elton John – 4PM PT US Today

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Join It Matters Radio as we take a journey down memory with BOTB’s tribute to Sir Elton John. This will not be available in podcast and it is a show any Elton John fan or a fan of great music will adore.  4PM @


In Loving Memory – Punky Diva Radio Cat

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Source: In Loving Memory – Punky Diva Radio Cat

Brad Schecter – Rock’s the Town

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Kerry and I had the pleasure of interviewing the talented musician, lyricist and singer, Brad Schecter. See why he has gained thousands of fans and enjoy a glimpse into the man and his music. If you’re a dog or cat lover, you may see them pop in.

World5 -Uniting the World Via Music

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How do five musicians create excellent music while living on three separate continents? Take a listen to our interview with Pat Hunt and hear their latest songs. Enjoy

Euro Indie Top 20 Countdown 9-30

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Love variety and flavor of music? You’ll find it all here! From Rock, Country, International to Rap. Enjoy.