It Matters Radio was created to show case talent from around the world as well as discuss important, meaningful and sometimes fun topics.

Set via a live on-camera format, there are no phone calls, rather all is accessible via the internet. Set up as two segments, the first will focus on music, the second could be on any topic, from comedy, non-profit organizations, authors; you name it, if it has meaning, we will present it to our listeners.

Not only can the audience click on our show link, view and listen to the broadcast, they may also join the chat room or, for those brave enough, ask to join us on-screen and actually speak face to face with our guests.

You’ll find Host, Monica Brinkman, Co-Host, Kenneth Weene, Creative Director, Kerry Hall and the star of the show, Punky-Radio Cat introducing and interviewing our guests. Punky twitches her tail, kisses Monica constantly and believes she is the main event! Ola Mae Hendricks, Penelope, Olana and many other crazy characters may stop in to chat. You never know what will come out of their mouths. From a crazy cat lady, a home-spun southern woman, a proclaimed psychic to a inefficient private eye, you’ll find them here.

Keep up with the episodes via pod cast or see what is coming up @ http://www.spreecast.com/users/it-matters-radio

We also have a web-site where you can find reviews, videos, and past shows @ www.itmattersradio.com


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