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Anything Is Possible In Life

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Kenneth Weene and I sat down to speak with Jody-Lynn Reicher and Christy White about how they have managed to reach so many goals set in life. We found they have done so much, but still have more planned.

No matter what age or race, you can always enjoy the passions in your life.


Jan McInnis – Comedian with Style

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Hosts Monica Brinkman and Kenneth Weene sat down to chat with comedian Jan McInnis, also known as The Work Lady.  From stand-up clubs, theater to conventions and conferences, Jan knows how to bring laughter to the masses. And it is family friendly.

‘Moogy’ – International Treat

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Hosts Monica Brinkman and Kerry Hall chat with the talented pianist, lyricist and singer, simply known as ‘Moogy’. She takes music and makes it her own. Enjoy a bit of international flavor.

Innovative Teaching Techniques with Dr. Robert Rose

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With hosts Monica Brinkman and Oana
We are your voice and ask the tough questions
Dr.Rose has spent almost fifty years successfully teaching from kindergarten to graduate students.

During this time he constantly challenged the status quo asking, “Why are we doing it this way?” In his search for an effective solution, he found not one, but many which could effectively solve specific problems.

Once he truly understood how complex and enormously different each student was he began experimenting with ways to individualize instruction. Dr.Rose learned to balance that by developing extensive group dynamics and group cohesiveness techniques.

In his own words, “Mutual respect through better listening and observation

Call in tonight 8PM EST, 7PM CST, 6PM Mountain, 5PM PST @ 213-769-0952 or visit our link to listen and chat via the internet


Would you read a story set in a rural city in the Midwest?

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I recently wrote a book set in a small college town in the Midwest. While reading another authors’ comments about what type of book the public would read, he out and out stated that no one wants to read about The Ozarks or any small town. Not only did his comment bring me pause, upon further thought, I wondered if what he said was indeed true.

If a story is good, why would anyone care if it was set in New York, California or in the Midwest? Have we come so far from ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’, that we now judge the setting of a story with such scrutiny?

I’d like to hear from others and especially the readers of the world to hear your take on his comment.

This is my first blog with WordPress, so I hope to hear from many others.